Our textile range is designed for public areas where the demands on quality are extra high. We have a wide collection of fabrics with many different colors, textures and designs. 

We laminate all of our fabrics used for screens and furniture, the benefit of a laminated fabric is that it is more durable and helps to create the right acoustics in the room. 

How durable is the textile? Read the information about our different test methods below. 
Martindale: We recommend that textiles are over 50 000 Martindale are used for our furniture for the best durability. A higher Martindale value on an upholstering fabric means that it is more durable. 
Pilling: The test gives information about the material’s prone to pill. The scale is 1-5 where 5 is the maximum result. 
Flammability: The textiles in our standard range are tested and meet the requirements that have been placed in the execution. 
Light fastness: Assesses how the fabric is faded by light, mainly sunlight. The textile is tested and graded according to an 8-graded scale where 8 is the best result; 5 is the lowest value among our textiles.
Fastness to rubbing: States a method to determine the resistance of colour in textiles through rubbing in a wet and dry state.

We always try to find the best qualities and the most eco-friendly alternatives. We find inspiration together with our suppliers Gabriel, Tyggrossisten, Nevotex, Kvadrat, Camira and others. The majority of our fabrics have a Oeko-Tex label and some fabrics also have EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan label.



Choose express order and get your desk screens produced in 10 working days. Express order applies when ordering ScreenIT Standard, ScreenIT A30 Desk screen, ScreenIT Flexible and ScreenIT A30 Floor screen in textiles Event Screen, Cara and Synergy. Choose from textiles in eight selected colours, four zips or any seam.

Read more about EXPRESS ORDER HERE.

Screens_100x100px.png  Textiles with this symbol can be used on all our products except soft seating.

Sittmobel_symbol_100x100px.png Textiles with this symbol can also be used on soft seating.

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