Gotessons has been synonymous for hard working entrepreneurs and innovators for over three generations.

Johan Götesson is cd at Gotessons and son of Ola Götesson who started the company. When he talks about the company, you quickly understand that they are not like other players in the market. For Gotessons it is about understanding customer needs before the customers does. Then develop a solution - their own or together with designers. 
– When my father started in 1986 in a corner of a room in Dalstorp, he made wire products such as paper trays, hat racks, dish racks etc. but with the computer boom, we began developing products for a better working environment in the office.

In 1993 Gotessons created a new concept, the first ever cable holder on the market. Since then, many new products have been developed and marketed, often, unique in its kind in both form and function. Today the product range has expanded into the conference and hotel industry.
– For us it's about creating an ergonomic, comfortable and stylish environment, with the right products and preferably in collaboration with interior designers and architects.

What distinguishes you from others on the market? 
– Gotessons is a bit of an innovator in the industry. Furthermore, we are good at seeing the big picture and to communicate it, says Johan Götesson.

If you have any view or any questions, please contact us.
Johan Götesson, Ambassador
+46 (0)706-491106