Nyt - 04 feb 22

Välkommen till designdagarna 2022

Week 6 we have the pleasure to invite you to our inspiration rooms in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Come and be inspired by the latest in furniture, textiles, carpets, floors, and absorbents.

Stockholm, February 7-11
Book an appointment by contacting our sale representatives in Stockholm Caroline Unger, Camilla Ström and Linda Olsson.

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday 9-17
Friday 9-15

Welcome to Rosenlundsgatan 38F in Stockholm.

Carolina Unger, caroline.u@gotessons.se
Camilla Ström, camilla.strom@gotessons.se
Linda Olsson, linda@gotessons.se

Gothenburg, 9-11 February
Book an appointment by contacting our sale representative in Gothenburg Emma Ankarloo and she will be in our inspiration room from Wednesday to Friday. Welcome to Kyrkogatan 20-22 in central Gothenburg!

Emma Ankarloo, emma.ankarloo@gotessons.se

Hope to see you! Welcome!