Nyt - 19 aug 20



iQseat was announced the winner of the HiP Award 2020 in the category Education/Government/Institutional: Seating at the NeoCon Awards.

iQseat is a piece of innovative and functional soft seating, designed by Jon Lindström and Henrik Kjellberg from o4i Studio and produced by Gotessons. It’s main areas of use are thought to be study environments, offices or meeting places where there is a need for both solitaire focused work as well as collaborations in groups.

The neat and soft compact stool has a smart hidden function: by easily flipping the backrest, the stool turns into a temporary work station with a table, which decrease the need for more furniture. Our sustainability concept Loop allows our customers to send their screens back to us for service and reupholstering to then be sent out again; in the future, iQseat and the rest of our product range will be included.

As a workplace with a table, iQseat is meant to be used during shorter periods and thanks to its wheels, it’s easy to move and turn for quick re-furnishing and to suit the current needs.

“We created iQseat based on the idea of modernizing the classic workplace with an office chair, to suit the current climate and needs of more flexibility and to encourage movement and variation when sitting down, especially during shorter work tasks. At the same time, we wanted it to be simple in its design and therefore easily placed in different types of environments. As a result, iQseat has a playfulness that often brings out a smile from the user through its obvious, easy shape and surprising transformation” explains the design duo.