Sustainability is a broad term. For most people it’s probably about the environment surrounding us, meaning our planet and the nature and resources that are available to us. For us at Gotessons, the state of our planet is an important reason to why we work towards a more sustainable business – without nature, we can’t conduct business. But sustainability is more to us than that. The primary reason to why Gotessons exists is to create better and more sustainable work places, where people will feel good and can perform during their entire workday.

This is an explanation of what sustainability means to us and what consequences this entails for those we work with. Together, we can do our bit towards a better world and at the same time conduct more sustainable business.


The work towards a more sustainable business is not conducted by one person. For your business to succeed you need an organization and a committed team internally; the same goes for sustainability. To succeed with a sustainability work that runs through everything we do and that can work as a good example outwards, the work needs to begin on the inside.


At Gotessons we strive, in big and small, to include the company and take part of the knowledge and ideas each individual employee possesses. In that way, we ensure that the efforts and improvements that are made, breathe Gotessons to the full and increases the chances to really be implemented in the everyday routine. With weekly improvement meetings in each department and a clear structure for how these suggestions will be moved on with, we ensure that each employee is included and that all suggestions are followed up.

Gotessons are experiencing an increased demand on sustainability from both the outside and inside, which leads to an increased focus on the company’s sustainability work. Sustainability training is being carried out with all our staff. The management group are focusing even more on these questions and the big goal is that this area will run through all the company’s departments. Henceforth, even more focus lies on product development and purchasing, where we as a company have our biggest means of influence to decrease our environmental impact and maintain a sustainable supply chain.


The reason behind our sustainability work is simple – our planet is no longer in the same shape as it once was. Even though we are only a small cog in a large wheel, we want to do our part for future generations. What we have also discovered along the way is that sustainability does not only contribute to a better environment, but also economical benefits for us and our collaborators, even more so when the market are placing higher demands on sustainability.


The world is going through a consume and discard craze. Even though office furniture is not replaced as frequently as home decor, this also occurs in workplaces and furniture is often used for a much shorter time than their actual service life. A large part of our work is therefore made up of developing and finding new strategies for how our products can be used for a longer period before they are replaced. It is about looking forward and predicting what will happen in the market in the future so that we do not just satisfy the trends that are strong right now, but also those that are expected to be popular and long-lasting. That is when it is important to look at the bigger picture of the workplace, because digitalization will have an equally big impact as colours and materials may.

Our furniture must live for a long time. It is a strong contributing factor towards a decreased environmental impact. The right material choices are therefore important, and also goes hand in hand with high product quality. Furniture should have as few material types as possible to facilitate recycling and reuse. High quality products don’t break.

Material is also about trends and fashion. Combining products that are trendy and contribute to creative environments must also be combined with not being thrown out after the ever-shorter trend cycles pass. That is why Gotessons have developed LOOP – a system where our products can be sent back and serviced, or upcycled as it’s also known as, to then be sold again. The business development around LOOP is always ongoing, and we are planning on, among other things, selling second hand furniture.


That the biggest challenges also mean the biggest possibilities may sound like a cliché, but in our case, it is obvious that it is true. Material and product manufacturing are the areas where we are faced with our biggest challenges regarding our environmental impact. Constituent raw material for our products is important as it is, together with the manufacturing method, where a big part of the environmental impact lies. We want to work even more with recycled material so that we do not waste the earth's resources unnecessarily.

Here, we are already doing some good things that you can see in our product range. The Medley ball has a textile cover made from leftover production material from different textiles. EcoSUND, our sound absorbent, consists of only PET where 50 % is recycled, and the whole product is recyclable. Looking at our textile range, we offer several textiles that are made from post-consumer recycled material and labelled with Oeko-Tex and EU Ecolabel, and several more are available with the Nordic Swan.


To ensure that we work sustainably all the way, we work with long-term and tight supply chains. This way, we always have control and good contact, and can always be up to date regarding changes in laws and certifications. We place demands through e.g. our Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we brainstorm sustainability ideas with them and try to find solutions for our common challenges. With longterm collaborations that are constantly developing, we have been able to focus on fewer suppliers, which in turns means fewer and more effective transports when many products are delivered from the same place. By working in this way, we can also ensure that everything works as it should and that the products meet our requirements and are delivered on time to the end customer.


Being credible is important for all businesses. Because we want to create a better work environment for our customers, it places the demand on us to have a good work environment internally.

Some things we can demand, foremost from customers and suppliers. We’d rather see that our efforts works as a good example, and we actualize that by applying sustainability all the way – from which suppliers and transport we choose to which cars we drive, and which energy sources we choose. In our facilities in Ulricehamn, we only use renewably electricity, and renewable sources are used for heating. We transport and store all our screens upright, which optimizes the space in both the lorries and the warehouse. Something we place a lot of energy on is our colleagues and their well-being, commitment and inclusion.


ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, NORDIC SWAN, ELKRETSEN, FTI


Designing for creative work environments is a lot about creating workplaces where everyone thrives and feels good. Today, we live in a world where many experience great pressure and stress; we are convinced that the work environment plays a key role in obtaining change. Ergonomics, creativity and aesthetics are our key words. 


Common to all business is to want to reach some type of success, even if it can be defined and measured in different ways. We are convinced that environments that promote well-being and creativity play a huge part of this. Therefore, our products are always developed with focus on the user in order to create environments where one feels good and therefore can perform at the top of their ability. An investment in good office solutions doesn’t only profit the individual employee, but the workplace as a whole. A well-functioning workplace is, according to Gotessons, built on good acoustics, ergonomic soft seating, good lighting and a creative, colourful and aesthetically appealing surrounding. Through good and pleasant work environments, we help our customers create competitive advantage and profitability in both short and long term.


Less noise! In today’s workplaces, more open office landscapes and spaces are found, which places higher demands on acoustic solutions. A noisy environment is unpleasant, tiring and leads to decreased concentration, whereas at a healthy workplace there are measurable positive effects such as decreased stress levels and less sick leave among employees. Good acoustics are needed, not only in workplaces, but also in public spaces such as restaurants, hotels and schools. It’s attractive for both visitors and workers to offer and enjoy an environment that isn’t noisy. Aren’t the workday and fun evening plans more enjoyable if you can hear what you are thinking, and your friends are saying?


Sitting still is the new endemic disease. People sit down an increasing amount of time today, which has a negative effect on health in both the long and short run. Stress and strain on the body are direct effects, but studies also show effects over time where a still-sitting lifestyle increases the risk for diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. We want to change this and therefore encourage more exercise in a creative workplace.

Ergonomics and a well-functioning workplace are Gotessons' core values and our products should lift the office environment. By using our products, you can protect your body. Standing mats encourage movement and the arm rest a better working position. Office Ballz help you prevent straining your body from sitting incorrectly and instead activates your back, core and legs In order to last a whole day, maybe a short nap during the lunch break in an Office Nap can be a good idea.


Gotessons should be the industry’s most attractive company to work for and with – that is the company’s vision. Working sustainably isn’t only profitable for us. With great material choice, more effective transport and highly placed demands, we are pulling our weight towards creating a better planet for everyone where we create more with less resources. We’ve also seen that this way of working also entails many economical benefits that benefit the whole chain.


It is supposed to feel good to work with Gotessons. That is why we maintain long collaborations with suppliers and have careful controls of materials and producers. Most of our suppliers are Swedish, and those suppliers based in other countries are controlled through CSR audits or continuous visits where these subjects are discussed. Our Code of Conduct applies to both ourselves and our suppliers.

As responsible partners, we put a lot of focus on making it quick and easy to order from us. Delivery security and quick customer service can be definitive for our customers’ success which is why place such importance by it.



We thrive in a chain where all parties are profitable. In those places, we know that we always have our carefully chosen suppliers with us and what we deliver to our customers reaches all of our requirements and are delivered on time. Our goal is therefore to grow together with our collaboration partners, to create security for us as well as our customers.


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