Rivet by Camira


Rivet is a fixating fabric which not only connects with the modern collaborative workplace, but also forms a bridge between textile traditions and future innovation. Designed to blend the aesthetic qualities of luxury woollen apparel with modern performance sportswear, Rivet is a lightly textured hopsack which emulates the swathe of suiting in a well-heeled synthetic.

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from used plastic bottles.

Colour 700 (Molten EGL09)

Colour 701 (Vitreous EGL01)

Colour 702 (Cast EGL25)

Colour 703 (Alloy EGL05)

Colour 704 (Galvanise EGL26)

Colour 705 (Burnish EGL11)

Colour 706 (Charcoal EGL37)

Colour 707 (Hammer EGL27)

Colour 708 (Verdigris EGL21)

Colour 709 (Crucible EGL24)

Composition 100% post consumer recycled polyester
Abrasion resistance ≥ 80 000 Martindale
Pilling 4-5 (ISO 12945-2)
Flammability EN 1021-1 (cigarette) EN 1021-2 (match) BS 7176 Low Hazard UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM
Light fastness 6 (ISO 105-B02)
Fastness To Rubbing Wet: 4 Dry: 4 (ISO 105-X12)
Environment EcoLabel; Mobelfakta; Swan
Maintenance Use for the fabric with lamination, suitable furniture wash. Use for the fabric with lamination, suitable furniture wash. Wipe with a damp cloth. Vacuum with suitable nozzle.. Vacuum with suitable nozzle.