A healthy workplace has measurable effects such as reduced stress and lower absenteeism. Gotessons work is focused on three elements: sound, light & air. In this time and age we have a society and a way of life & work that creates more sound and noise around us, but are also becoming aware of the need for a good sound environment. This, combined with an interior design trend where we see a lot of hard materials & open floor plan provides challenges around creating "Good Acoustics". Gotessons acquired A.M. Acoustics 1st  September 2015 with the aim to offer our customers a wider range of skills and optimal performance for a good sound environment.

Today we also see a clear awareness not only in the office environment, but in virtually all public places. The restaurant  “White Guide” sets the example and requires a good sound environment in restaurant they reward. There is usually also a clear link that is purely economic, guests want to be able to converse with each other over dinner, if the experience is not comfortable they will simply choose other restaurants. Gotessons and A.M. Acoustics have for many years accumulated an understanding and knowledge about the problems and solutions on Acoustics. Partly through all the projects we are involved in daily but also through close and frequent collaborations with acousticians and Interior Architects

When we develop our products in addition to the acoustic aspect we  also focus on the environmental aspect. The flexibility in shape and size and the ability to intergrate and strengthen other furnishings are also important factors to create "a better sound!".

To compare the absorption capacity of a product and calculate the need for absorption quantity in a room, the N10 Value is used - you can find more information about N10 here

We test all our products in accordance with Swedish Standard SS 25269.

See the acoustic benefits of our various products in a simple and straight forward way, click here Acousticfacts_3.png 

Feel free to read our acoustics brochure The way to a great acoustics.  

Do you want help calculating the acoustic values in a certain Space or room and how to get them down to acceptable levels? 
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