A year ago, Xylem embraced an exciting challenge – to adapt its office to the ”new normal” and create a workplace where water and innovation flow freely. Xylem is a global leader in water technology, working to address the crucial water issue by developing innovative and smart technology solutions that meet the world’s needs in water, wastewater, and energy.

With over 14,500 square meters of workspaces, meeting rooms, an atrium, and a dining area, a decision was made to move towards an activity-based office, where the boundaries between departments are blurred, and creative meetings flourish. The interior concept, developed in collaboration with the renowned design team at Crierum, revolves around their passion for water.

In the premises you will find element of flowing forms, blue tones, and earthy shades that create a harmonious atmosphere. In the dining area, the ceiling has been adorned with Götessons’ absorbent Sky for ceiling. Placed at regular intervals, they create a visually striking image of undulating waves running along the room. Except the aesthetic improvement, Sky contributes to a much more pleasant sound level, which is preferable in a dining area where dishes and cutlery may clatter.

Designer: Crierum