A creative meeting area with focus on reading and learning

A couple of years ago, Motala library went through an extensive renovation that not only renewed its physical appearance, but also improved the user experience and modernized the premises. The project was a result of a long-term plan to update and adapt the library to the changing needs of the community and library visitors.

The new design promoted openness and light through large windows, modern furniture and flexible spaces that could be adapted to different needs. During the renovation process, efforts were also made to include different features to attract different audiences. An area for children and young people was created, with playful furniture and colorful shelves that attracted reading and learning. To promote creativity and collaboration, special meeting rooms and workspaces for students and other groups were also set up.

In each room, the interior design and acoustics became an important element, why absorbents from Götessons were set up here and there. For example you find ’ECOsund ceiling tiles raw’ in the reception, ’Print with a frame’ in the cozy room and ’Sound off Cloud’ over the books in the large sarea. In public places like Motala library, it is extra fun to invest in colourful environments as it simply makes us people happy and inspired.