Marlin Cheval is a modern training and racing stables operation in Halmstad, run by Marcus Lindgren with the support of an entire team of highly qualified staff in the field of harness racing. The stables’ ambition is to get the best out of every horse. That is why they have constructed a stable that is described by customers as “the Grand Hôtel for horses”. It is bright and clean, the boxes are much larger than usual and it has a fantastic atmosphere. The ceiling is 8.5 metres high! 

Overall, the stables’ operations worked well for both humans and horses. There is always room for improvement, however. The stables’ lunch room needed an overhaul to deal with the terrible acoustics. “We couldn’t stay there before. We’d get headaches and I couldn’t hear anything if there were several people eating or resting there. Now there can be up to 15 of us at lunch, and even more on race days,” continues Marcus. 

When asked how the idea of a better acoustic came up, he explains that harness racing is noisy work with all the stables’ machinery, noise from hoofs and loud winds because of the high speeds. They need a really relaxed space to get away to, says Marcus. 

The solution to the noise issue in the lunch room became Nivå wall absorbents and circular Sound Off ceiling absorbents, both creating dynamic patterns and making the environment enjoyiable. 

Photos: Anders Sällström