In Ulricehamn is the hotel Lassalyckan. When they wanted to improve and review interior design to get as creative and inspiring an environment in their lounge and conference area as possible, they chose to decorate with beautiful bright natural colors and materials on furniture and plants and with sound-absorbing prints on the walls.


In the Lounge area outside the conference room is a welcome Half a Hut Lounge that works just as well as a room divider, workplace and is sound absorbing with associated Benches and Pocket Table. In part of the lounge there is a group with some of the award-winning iQseat around a coffee table where you can have meetings. Do you need space for their laptop or something on these chairs you can easily turn around the backrest so you get a small table.


David design's leather - covered Hammock Lounge chairs designed by Axel Bjurström form a cozy and relaxed place together with their Collage Sofa designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The iconic armchair Toad by the design duo, Ruud Ekstrand and Christer Norman, has been given an inviting place in this relaxed environment.


In the conference room, guests can hang up their outerwear at Hang In There. If you need to write on a blackboard during the meeting, there is the practical and stylish floor screen Sketch on wheels with Woodland pen shelf and eraser. 


On the walls hang Storprint from A.M. Acoustics which are sound-absorbing paintings with pictures from the spa hotel that was sadly demolished 40 years ago.