Hemlingborg school focuses on a learning environment with emphasis on concentration and well being

In August 2023, Hemlingborg School in Gävle opened up the doors. In order to create a learning environment that promotes concentration and well being, they received an extensive delivery of innovative products from Götessons.

A central part of the delivery consisted of Götessons' Sound Off Wall rounds and Sound Off letters, which were installed in the school's stairwells and seating bleachers. These acoustic solutions help minimize noise levels and create a calmer atmosphere, which is crucial for students' focus and learning. 

To create separate areas and a more organized environment, the school chose to use Götessons' textile-covered planters, Plant Dividers, and Romboplanter in open spaces as well as in the cafeteria and corridors. These flexible furnishing options make it possible to create separate zones without compromising on aesthetics and functionality. 

In the woodwork room, Götessons' Sound Off Cloud was installed together with Effekt Pendant and mobile floor screens to create an optimal acoustic environment for practical work and collaboration.

Another critical area for managing noise levels was the cafeteria, where Götessons' Sound Off Wall with and without spacers was mounted above the sinks. This measure helps minimize disruptive noises and creates a more pleasant environment for meals and social interaction.

By collaborating with Götessons, Hemlingborg School has been able to create an environment that not only promotes learning but also well-being and comfort for both students and staff. Götessons' innovative and high-quality products have proven to be a valuable asset in creating an optimal learning environment in the school.