When it was time to renovate the headquarters of the Norwegian insurance company Gjensidige, the goal was to reuse as much as possible. As the renovation included more than one office, a central decision was taken that all renovations would be conducted with sustainability in mind. Basically they didn’t want to throw anything away. Siw Brekken from Gjensidige has been in charge of the renovation, and when the idea of reusing screens came up, it was natural to contact Götessons.

”With the long-standing relationship that Gjensidige has had with Götessons and thanks to the concept ’LOOP by Götessons’, the door opened for an exciting reuse project,” says Siw.

An early decision in the project was to change the width of the desks from 1600 to 1400 mm, and therefore the screens also had to be modified. Because of the strategy of reusing, a decision was made to send back the existing screens for reprocessing. On a third of the screens, the fabric was still in good condition and in the desired colour. Therefore Götessons only resized the fabric and then put in back on the screens. The other frames were reupholstered with new fabric covers in the same textile and colour as the existing ones. Siw hopes to inspire other companies to do the same because LOOP is not difficult at all.

”The whole process has been very smooth, from the first decision to LOOP the screens until they came back renovated as new,” Siw explains. Except the LOOP project with the screens, Götessons and Gjensidige have had more collaborations during the fall.

”Götessons has taken care of other products that we no longer use, to sell in their upcoming LOOP shop,” Siw says. ”This is a very appreciated initiative that gives the products a longer lifespan instead of us sending them for recycling”.
In 2024, the renovation journey for Gjensidige continues, and even more screens will go through the LOOP.