Fight Boredom is the keyword that Partykungen in Gävle works by every day. They say that they will never let boredom win. This is clearly visible in the interior of their premises, which have been renovated over the past year. The office has now become really colorful and playful.

Creating a good sound environment in the office was an important part of the project. Considering the acoustics, they chose to use the highly effective Nivå wall absorber. Nivå consists of EcoSUND® and has its own expression, thanks to its distinctive design with varying thickness. Around the workstations they used ScreenIT A30 table screens, to get a more shielded space and a better sound level.


In the conference table the Bi-Box was mounted, which is perfect for hiding cables. Not only do you get cables down in the cable holder under the table, but you also get good access to electricity at conferences and meetings. In the conference room, the practical writing board and the Sketch floor screen were placed, in colors that fit perfectly into the office's playful environment.

When the renovation project now is complete, they landed in an inspiring and fun work environment with well-thought-out products that promote the health and well-being of the employees.