With its MediaMarkt and Saturn brands, MediaMarkt Saturn is Austria's leading electrical and electronics retailer and provider of many complementary services. The clear structuring of the space, the acoustics and the creation of an attractive atmosphere formed the central themes in planning and design.

The main requirement of the project was to minimize the disadvantages of a large office and to make optimal use of the advantages. Therefore, great value has been placed on various break out and recreational areas as well as zones for informal communication. The topic of acoustics was prioritized in the entire office and implemented perfectly with LOD acoustic lamellas from our affiliate company A.M. Acoustics. It was paramount to create the right level of interaction and shielding in the open space. At Saturn offices it strikes a great balance between privacy and transparancy.

In combination with carpet covering the floors and LOD, Gotessons' Hang Over were strung from the ceiling to dampen noise further and add a playful detail to the office spaces.