SIAMAR REISEN GMBH WANTED TO improve the sound environment with style and incorporate ergonomics in the office environment. Together with Planobjekt they chose Gotessons for our high quality modern products with great acoustic benefits.

The circular SoundOff ceiling panels were chosen to create an eye-catching detail as well as reducing noise levels in the room. Sketch Writing Board on an A30 Floor Screen is a great tool for meetings and information boards. With wheels, it can easily be moved around. Likewise, the fun and ergonomic Office Ballz can be used instead of an office chair or carried around by its convenient leather handle.

The acoustic Effekt panels were also implemented to create personal work spaces in the office landscape. To match the rest of the interior, some panels were covered in textile in the same colour range, while others were printed with images of travel destinations to inspire customers.

To create a wholesome result, we also provided artificial plants, lighting, monitor arms, electricity, cable management and other soft seating.