35 years ago, Great Earth started. A company with a believe that when people feel good, the world feels better. Good Life - Great Earth is the vision, which is about a future where a healthy life provides nourishment to a better world. We at Götessons also know that a good sound environment has a direct connection to our well-being.

At the beginning of 2023 it was time for the company to move into newly built premises. It was important for them to invest in a good sound environment and by that they needed help to pick good acoustic solutions for their office. The company also wanted to think in sustainable terms and has chosen to reuse much of the interior design.

Around the workstations, they put Moving Wall Bridge with shelves and sound absorbers. In the same color they also added ScreenIT A30 screens to frame the workplaces in the best way, and to give the employees as good working environment as possible.

On the desks, they have worked with The Lightning as a light source and Table Top Slim for the possibility of charging various electronics and getting electricity directly from the table. Under the desk the rotating SetUpIT recycling station is placed, to make it easier to keep the workplace clean and tidy.