Information about the N10 value

N10 is the number of products in a specific size and placement that is required to achieve 10 m2 absorption surface / absorption amount. Depending on the absorbing material’s efficiency, thickness and placement, the absorption surface can become larger or smaller than the actual surface. For example, our desk screen ScreenIT A30 in size 1600x650 N10 (8) and an actual surface of 1,04 m2. This creates an actual surface of 1,04 x 8 pcs = 8,32 m2 but an absorption surface of 10 m2. With this, you can then start comparing products and calculating how many that are needed for a good sound environment, regardless of surface and volume.

Some quick facts:

- The N10-value describes the absorption amount or absorption surface for a single product.
- The N10-value specifies how many products are needed to achieve 10 m2 absorption amount at a specific mounting.
- The absorption amount is measured according to SS-EN ISO 354:2003
- Absorbents receive different values depending on how they are mounted: freely in the room or on a surface (wall or ceiling).
- The absorption surface can be both larger or smaller than the actual surface.
- The N10-value is calculated from the absorption amount at 500 Hz or at a higher frequency if the absorption amount there is lower than the value at 500 Hz. 


For questions regarding the N10-value, contact:

David Engberg - Akustikrådgivare
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