News - 06 Sep 23



The interest in decorating our workplaces and making them more homely has increased year after year. And it’s for sure that with the help of colours, structures and different expressions, we can create harmonious and welcoming environments that make employees feel inspired and productive.

Our latest news can definitely contribute to creative rooms, with patterned prints on the walls and absorbents in playful shapes as room dividers. Combining the practical and functional with the playful and stylish is Götesson's truly philosophy, and this autumn's news are no exception. 

You can find the news at, in our latest price list and in our latest inspiration magazine, which is also released in September. In the magazine with the theme "The stylish workplace" you will learn everything about our different materials, textiles and which colour you should pick to different rooms. The power of colour should always be in interest when decorating the workplace. 

We hope you'll enjoy it!