Care from Tyggrossisten/Fabricoeur

Care is a PU (Polyurethane) artificial leather that can be used in hospitals/care as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. The surface of the textile is without structure, which makes it easy to
clean and it has properties such as oil-resistant, urine-resistant, blood-resistant and alcoholable up to 70% alcohol.

Care can only be used on the products below. Read more about them and their properties here: 

Colour 140 (white)

Care from Tyggrossisten/Fabricoeur ()

Care from Tyggrossisten/Fabricoeur ()

Composition 100 % Polyuretan
Abrasion resistance 120 000 Martindale
Flammability IT - UNI 9174 Class 1 IM UK-BS 7175:1989 Section 3 Crib 5 UK-BS 7175:1989 Section 3 Crib 7
Light fastness 5 (ISO 105 B02:2014)
Environment Oeko-tex
Maintenance Washable with common detergents and hydrogen peroxide. Sterilization at 134°C for 7’ max. Cleanable with 70% alcohol Resistant to blood, urine, oil, grease and disinfectants. Shrinkage after washing: <2%.