At the IT company Agrovision in Hedensted, Denmark, hard surfaces were a sound problem when employees started returning to the office after working from home during the Corona crisis. But with help from the interior design team at Lomax, the employees received a solution that, with its inviting and open appearance, has attracted both employees and customers back to the office.

In the living office environment, there are green plants on the floor, white clouds on the ceiling and a large number of table screens, which largely create the framework for the large and open office environments. The company's 28 employees work here, on small islands - screened off without being isolated and always with the opportunity for both peace and dialogue.
John Kristensen, site manager at Agrovision is very satisfied with the result:

"Attractive office spaces make it easier to attract people into the workplace, which contributes to great value in terms of knowledge sharing and social engagement," says John, who also noted that a nice office interior is a plus in relation to being able to attract new employees.

3D drawings for easier visualization

When Agrovision moved into the office premises in the spring of 2021, the sound level was too noisy which had a negative impact to the atmosphere.

"It's the raw industrial look with high ceilings and metal profiles that makes it a very messy sound environment," says John, who then contacted interior designers at Lomax who had helped with previous projects.

John Kristensen soon had a solution presented to him in the form of 3D drawings from the subcontractor Götessons. During the process, there was a close collaboration between Agrovision, Lomax and Götessons where the 3D drawings were adjusted as needed and ultimately led to a result that everyone was satisfied with.

‘Sound off Cloud’ from the ceiling

Götesson's Sound off cloud in EcoSUND hangs from the ceiling. At first glance it looks like pure decoration, but the acoustic function is unmistakable when standing directly beneath them – and there is also clearly a symbolic story hidden in the analogy of the company's cloud solutions.

"We've got a modern look, which is important when guests come to visit," says John and is backed up by his employee Camilla Asmussen, who handles customer contact on daily basis. "When you sit and talk, it is enormously disturbing if you can hear everyone else, so it has made a big difference that we have gained control over the acoustics," says Camilla.

In addition to the clouds on the ceiling, the wholeness with screens, Effect Pendent screen panel, absorbent prints on the walls and plants that make the employees now look forward to going to work. 


Decorator: Lomax