News - 16 Aug 16


Pollen season 2016 is here, fatigue, itching, watery eyes and nose are just some of the problems that people with allergies suffer and the number of people with symptoms increases exponentially. This affects sick leave and productivity in the workplace. Several scientific studies show that people will be both healthier and more productive - as much as up to 13% - of working in clean indoor air. Götessons has developed a desk screen that enhances your productivity and health. PAZ stands for Pure Air Zone. PAZ combines the functions of sound absorption and air filtration in a patented design. It creates a zone of clean air through the front of the monitor.
Draught-free. Silently. Energy efficient. PAZ reduce indoor air of very small particles, pollen can be counted as large particles and removes up to 99.9%.

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PAZ Desk screen
PAZ Sofa