Sustainability is a broad term. For most people it’s probably about the environment surrounding us, meaning our planet and the nature and resources that are available to us. For us at Gotessons, the state of our planet is an important reason to why we work towards a more sustainable business – without nature, we can’t conduct business. But sustainability is more to us than that. The primary reason to why Gotessons exists is to create better and more sustainable work places, where people will feel good and can perform during their entire workday.

This is an explanation of what sustainability means to us and what consequences this entails for those we work with. Together, we can do our bit towards a better world and at the same time conduct more sustainable business.


The reason behind our sustainability work is simple – our planet is no longer in the same shape as it once was. Even though we are only a small cog in a large wheel, we want to do our part for future generations. What we have also discovered along the way is that sustainability does not only contribute to a better environment, but also economical benefits for us and our collaborators, even more so when the market are placing higher demands on sustainability.


Designing for creative work environments is a lot about creating workplaces where everyone thrives and feels good. Today, we live in a world where many experience great pressure and stress; we are convinced that the work environment plays a key role in obtaining change. Ergonomics, creativity and aesthetics are our key words. 


Gotessons should be the industry’s most attractive company to work for and with – that is the company’s vision. Working sustainably isn’t only profitable for us. With great material choice, more effective transport and highly placed demands, we are pulling our weight towards creating a better planet for everyone where we create more with less resources. We’ve also seen that this way of working also entails many economical benefits that benefit the whole chain.


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Stellan Bygård, Quality and environment manager

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