Re-use the whole office – over and over again

To rethink, make new from old and change habits can be difficult. But now, we’ve taken a step forward, into the circle. Let us not play with words. Like many others in the trade, Gotessons need to become better at sustainability. Climate change doesn’t allow you to wait, especially if you are a part of a business that is characterized by short-term fashion trends. It is time to take the step forward, into the circle. For example, we loop our products and materials from our fairs. The Cabin, plants, desks, IQSeat and many others are going to Workspace Expo in Paris next. Floors and mats are reused in the same way. The bar chairs have been used at Stockholm Furniture Fair several times, only repainted this year for a new feeling. Good, hey? Keep on looping!

We want to use our products or material over and over. You can already send us your desk screen to get it serviced, reupholstered and back as good as new. But this is only the start of Loop. The start of thinking circularly from drawing table to finished product. In material, design and services. For furniture and interiors. We want to open a Loop shop where you can find looped products; a little bit used but with many years left.

We make a Loop for the future and it starts with you.

Keep a lookout for more information.





Our reuse concept for screens! Send your old Gotessons screen back to us – we reuse the components and then you or someone else will get them back as a new screen. As good as new! With the same guarantees! It’s simply a part of the LOOP!

Loop_1.png Contact to organize transport back to Gotessons in the best way.

Loop_2.png We receive the screen. We disassemble the screen. We inspect the screen’s components.

Loop_pilar.png The wood frame is reused in a new screen.

Loop_pilar.png The sound absorbent is reused in a new screen.

Loop_pilar.png Mounts and accessories are reused by the customer.

Loop_pilar.png The textile is recycled as energy. We are working on projects where we can also recycle textile and lamination. The textile            from our products Silent Express is recycled as polyester.

Loop_3.png The product is sold on to a new or the same customer.


FAQ Recycle Screens


What happens with the screen I send back?
We service it and make sure it’s as good as new, then it is sold again.

Will I recieve a recycled screen?
Maybe, it depends on what we have recieved from customers and what recycled material we have in store. For larger projects (more than 50 screens) we can make sure that you get the same screens back. 

Why can’t I just buy a new textile cover for the screen?
The risk that the quality is impaired is too big. It is easy for seams and zips to end up crooked when mounted. It is also difficult to get the holes for mounts in the right place. 

Doesn’t the transport cancel out the environmental profit for a recycled screen?
No, the transport is a small part of the total environmental impact of a screen. The transport back to the producer goes with the car that almost always has room “left over”.

What is the guarantee time for a recycled screen?
The same as a new screen, 2 years as a standard. 

What is the environmental profit for a recycled screen?
That the wooden frame or MDF, insert nut and absorbent don’t need to be produced again. 

What to you mean by recycling?
That we recycle/reuse the interior material for environmental profit. See above question. 

Why does a recycled screen cost the same as a new one?
It costs less for the environment. You can use your voucher which will make your new or recycled screens cheaper. 

Why can’t I get the same screen back?
For larger projects (more than 50 screens) you can, with a little longer lead time. For lesser numbers the lead time is longer because we need to environmentally streamline the transport (collective transport) to make as little environmental impact as possible on transport. To administer lower numbers and steer them to specific orders becomes unsustainable. 

Why does this only apply to the standard assortment?
Because it is these products that we can guaranteed recycle. We can also recycle other textile products and customized orders in bigger projects. 

What happens to the old textile cover?
Right now, it is recycled as energy (burned). We are working on projects where we can also recycle textile and lamination. The textile from our products Silent Express is recycled as polyester. 

How do I send the screen/screens back to you?
There is an instruction that decreases the risk for transport damage, decreases the environmental impact and decreases the price of the transport. We can send you this instruction if you want. 

Can I send back screens from another producer?
No, we can not guarantee recycling or their quality. 

What should I do about mounts and accessories?
For the best environmental profit – keep them. If needed, mounts can be sent back and should at this time be demounted from the screen to decrease the transport’s environmental impact.

What is the delivery time for a new screen?
The same as a newly produced one (4-6 weeks), for larger projects (more than 50 screens) a separate delivery time will be announced. 

I don’t want a recycled screen, what do I do?
We guarantee that the quality is the same as a new one and the guarantee time is the same as for a new one. As a customer, you will not notice the difference between a recycled or new screen. 

Can you recycle an Office Nap and Office Ballz?
Yes, you can reuse the inner ball and inner sack and order a new cover. You can replace the textile cover yourself and recycle the old textile cover.

Can you really not recycle customized products or anything outside the LOOP assortment?
Yes, you can with bigger projects (more than 50 screens) where you (customer) take back the same producs. This is handled through a quote from case to case. 

How old is my screen allowed to be to send it back?
There is no such limitation if the model hasn’t changed.