Opaq Colour by Svensson


Opaq Colour is a technical textile made out of 100 % PES Trevira CS and has a smooth surface. The varied colour scale and innovative function is combined in perfect harmony to create a textile which not only gives protection against sun and heat and increases the visual comfort, but also makes the room more aesthetically appealing.

Can only be used on our sound absorbing products Lod and Vertikal. Read more about the products and their properties here:

Colour 835 (4470)

Colour 836 (5231)

Colour 837 (5570)

Colour 838 (6635)

Colour 839 (7030)

Opaq Colour Lod ()

Opaq Colour Vertikal ()

Composition 100% PES Trevira CS
Light fastness 5-7 (ISO 105-B02)
Environment Oeko-tex
Flammability DIN 4102 -1 Class B1 DIN EN 13773 Class 1 BS 5867-2 Part 2, Type B IMO FTP code Part 7