Acoustic Nonwoven

With its air-permeable microperforating properties, Acoustic Nonwoven reflects the sound minimally when it hits the surface so that the sound absorber can absorb maximum. The cloth provides a nice smooth surface that can withstand moisture, is odorless, does not rot or mold and does not create any allergies. Acoustic Nonwoven is also used as a barrier between insulation and air gaps, for example against glass panels on a wall in a sports hall, concert hall, music studios etc. or as a surface layer on pieces of sound absorbers and ceilings. 

Acoustic Nonwoven (901)

Acoustic Nonwoven (902)

Composition 100 % PES
Flammability The acoustic tissue is approved accor- ding to SIS650082. The material fulfils the requirements for a non-flammable material according to the swedish national board of housing, building and Planning – boverket’s general advice 1993:2, 2nd edition, paragraph 1.1.2. With rock wool or ecosund® absorbent behind the tissue, the material fulfils the fire-technical requirements for surfaces class 1 (B-s 1,d0).