This page contains information and downloadable documents about Götessons sustainability work, i.e. sustainability repots, product certificates, our code of conduct and other certificates.


Götessons have products declared with the product certifications Möbelfakta (since 2021) and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel (since 2013). For us, it is an important verification that we as a company are working with sustainability at all levels: internally, in the supply chain and in our product development. As a company, we are regularly reviewed and audited by third parties. This means a certainty for customers and interior architects, while at the same time making it easier to make sustainable choices.


Möbelfakta puts high demands on the requirement areas quality, environment and social responsibility at the same time, something that is unique to many certifications. Each declaring company is regularly audited by an external third-party auditor, who also approves declared furniture. A product declaration is valid for five years and must then be renewed. Möbelfakta is a non-profit organization owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF).

Quality - Möbelfakta's quality requirements are based on recognized international standards with a focus on furniture's strength, function, safety and wear. The furniture is tested at accredited test institutes.

Environment - Möbelfakta sets requirements for constituent components as well as the finished product. The constituent materials meet high requirements for e.g. chemicals, emissions and sustainable forestry. The requirements for the finished furniture are labeling, traceability, maintenance, product information, spare parts and recycling. This reflects the basis of the Swedish Procurement Authority's criteria.

Responsible supply chains - the requirements for social responsibility are based on the UN Code of Conduct "The Global Compact". As a furniture manufacturer, you must have control over your own business and supply chain, where you map and risk analyze your subcontractors, to ensure that the social requirements are met where furniture and components are manufactured. The requirements are e.g. child labor, discrimination, modern day slavery, etc.

The product certificates can be found under "Downloads" for each declared product.



The Nordic Swan Ecolabel imposes extensive requirements on the constituent materials and chemicals used in the manufacturing of furniture, but also requirements for the usage phase and other circular aspects such as quality, guarantees and material recycling. Th Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a so called type1-marking and follows official standards, is independent, sets requirements for the product’s entire life cycle, and gradually tightens the requirements over time. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is owned by the state-owned company Ecolabelling Sweden and was founded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. There are many types of products that can be labelled with the Nordic Swan – all from equity funds to cleaning products. The requirements for furniture include:

Traceability and sustainable forestry.

Chemicals in manufacturing, additives and surface treatment, and a ban on e.g. CMR substances, halogenated flame retardants and nanoparticles.

Limitation of formaldehyde and VOC in wooden boards, laminate, and glue.

Quality and functionality tests.

Guarantees, spare parts and circular design.




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